Saturday, 28 August 2010

Oblates Weekend - Friday

Oblates arrived throughout the day in time to join with the community at Vespers which commenced at 6 pm.  After Vespers it was time for supper for those residing in the Abbey's guest houses or, for those living outside, either a commute to the nearest chip shop for a decent fish supper (it was Friday after all) or just fast.

Pluscarden Oblate Weekend  Summer 2010
Fr Martin Birrell OSB - Oblate Master

Compline followed at 8 pm. and then the first conference of the weekend at 8.30 pm. This was a general hello, well met and general introduction from our Oblate Master Fr Martin followed by a short DVD outlining the historical background of the English Province of the Subiaco Congregation which may be viewed below.

Pluscarden Abbey is part of the English Province of the Subiaco Congregation; in itself part of the  universal  Order of St Benedict.  Initially the English Province was exactly that, but now with Houses in Scotland, America, Mexico and Ghana it is more linguistically an English Province than geographical.


This subject was then enlarged upon by the Abbot Visitor of the Province, Fr Anselm Atkinson, Superior of St Mary's Monastery, Petersham, USA using two 30 minute DVDs especially commissioned for the occasion. St Mary's Monastery is a daughter house of Pluscarden and Fr Anselm is a monk from this Abbey.

It is my intention to include these two recordings in the media discs I will be producing of the weekend's conferences.  Details in how to obtain a copy will be published at a later date - most probably via Fr Martin's next Oblate newsletter as these posts are mainly for fellow Oblates of Pluscarden Abbey.  However if approval is given, and there is a demand, I may make them available (for a monetary donation to Pluscarden) to all readers.

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