Friday, 6 July 2012

New Dawn in Scotland - Rosary Procession

A departure for me really in attending an event organised by a charismatic organisation called New Dawn.  Happy clappy is not my scene but a "call to arms" was received by a fellow Provincial Grand Knight of the K.S.C. so off I went and I am so glad I did!

Yes there was a bit of the raised arms outstretched from the ageing hippies as well as the youth, guitars and swaying bodies, but ignoring that, and as Bishop Toal said in his sermon, "whether we be in the grandest Cathedral, lowliest hovel, outdoors braving the elements or at home, we are all united in  one Faith, one Church".

New Dawn Pilgrimage 2012
Our Lady leads the procession
New Dawn Pilgrimage 2012
Our Lady of Aberdeen

Thursday's main event, in a packed programme of daily proceedings, was a Rosary Pilgrimage walk around St Andrews from the College to the ancient and historic St Andrews Cathedral.  Regretfully the local authorities would not permit the statue of Our Lady of Aberdeen to be carried through the town, nor were we permitted to walk through the main streets, but followed a circuitous path around the outskirts of the town before arriving at the Cathedral ruins.  Perhaps one day when perceived "sensitivities" are no longer a PC [politically correct] requirement, this will be achieved.

I estimate around 5 - 600 people either walked the route or attended Mass which was celebrated by His Excellency Bishop Toal, Bishop of the diocese of Argyll and the Isles.

More photos HERE

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