Sunday, 3 June 2012

And they said: We will not Walk (Jer. 6:16)

Whilst reading a post on Rorate Caeli last week a very well known, and somewhat opinionated, blogger P.K.P.T. wrote:
The S.S.P.X in Brazil is about to lose its monastery and apostolate in Nova Friburgo and also one other priest elsewhere. They are refusing Bishop Fellay's deal with Rome.
 I was rather saddened to read this as I had previously been on a Lenten retreat to this monastery in 2010 - take this link to read my post HERE.  I still receive their occasional newsletter and fondly recall the community and laity.  Why they have already made up their minds when they might well not know the content of H.E. Bishop Felley's letter, and most certainly do not know His Holiness the Pope's response, can only be a seen as a classic case of "jumping the gun".

Please pray for the Community and laity that they might open their hearts to the Holy Ghost and that God might lead them back from this most unfortunate and presumptuous decision.

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