Saturday, 6 August 2011

Abbatial Election

I would ask for your prayers for the community of Pluscarden Abbey this next week in especial.  Solemnly professed monks from the dependant house of Petersham Monastery, and Fathers' Bede and Giles from the joint foundation of Kristo Buase, have now returned to their mother house to join with their brethren for this auspicious occasion. 

The election has been brought about following the Holy Father's wish that Abbot Hugh Gilbert be the next Bishop of the Diocese of Aberdeen.  An Abbatial election is, without doubt, a defining moment in any religious community; much in the same way as is that of a Bishop, or indeed a Pope.  The election will be presided over by the Abbot of Prinknash, the Right Reverend Francis Baird.

Pray that Our Blessed Lady, Saint John the Baptist and Saint Andrew, to whom the Abbey is dedicated, may be with the monks in their deliberations and that they be guided by our Holy Father St Benedict.

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