Thursday, 26 May 2011

The Clarification

I have refrained from commenting thus far on Universae Ecclesiae as I am without doubt ill equipped either academically or endowed with sufficient wisdom to provide any meaningful opinion.  That I have left to others such as the inestimable Fr. Z and that learned priest Fr Hunwicke.  For those who wish to read the thoughts of these gentlemen please take the links here and here (there are additional threads but these will start you off nicely).

Having read their clarifications - note: clarifications not interpretations of the Latin original, I sadly recalled the Pope's request upon his elevation to the Chair of St Peter, to pray for him that he may be preserved from the wolves who surround him.

I truly find it incredulous (admittedly through nievity) that individuals based in the Vatican would put their very souls at risk just so their own agenda is promoted.  I have read that translations in other languages such a Spanish are far more accurately translated; hence my belief it is individuals and not PCED or Ecclesia Dei per sae.  To purposely omit crucial adverbs throughout is rather dissapointing to say the least.  One or two, whilst deplorable, could be forgiven, but to consistently leave them out is, in my opinion, calculated.

It is not often I rant so please forgive me.  I have thought, and prayed, about this injustice to the Pope and the Church's faithful for some days and still find myelf unable to let it go.  Perhaps posting this will give me a closure of sorts.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

60 and Still Kicking

Well folks that dreaded day has finally arrived.  Yesterday on the 3rd Class Feast of St Gregory of Nazianzen I left behind the 'Fighting 50s' and entered into the 'Swinging 60s' although with my creaking hip and knee joint that phrase is firmly in the my dreams category.  I had thought of a more appropriate phrase when I started to type this blog entry but now can only come up with 'Senile 60s' which I am most certainly not.  Oh, if only I could remember what that phrase was!

Anyway I have applied for my bus pass which should arrive in a week or so and then look out Scotland here I come.  No corner will be safe from a visit by me.  For those readers who reside outside Scotland you are eligible for FREE bus travel anywhere is Scotland once you reach the dignified age of sixty.  Now I am retired and no longer jetting off to exotic climes I shall explore this beautiful country of mine - for free, which is something that warms any Scotsman's heart.