Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Holy Week in Edinburgh

St Andrews Church, Belford Road, Edinburgh

Sacred Triduum

Maundy Thursday 21st April     5:00 pm     Mass of Our Lord’s Supper

Good Friday 22nd April     3:00 pm     Liturgy of the Passion

Holy Saturday 23rd April     8:30 pm     Easter Vigil Mass

Easter Sunday 24th April     11:30 am     Solemn Mass


Thursday, Friday, Saturday     8:00 am      St Mary’s Cathedral, Edinburgh

Yours truly will be in Edinburgh from tomorrow until Sunday where I shall be singing Tenebrae each morning and in the afternoon/evening be the oldest (and most befuddled) altar server assisting in the celebration of the Sacred Triduum liturgies. Please pray for my long suffering Schola Director (Alan) and Master of Ceremonies (John) as I bumble my way through each service.
To all my readers I pray that you found the strength to hold true to your Lenten observances and, as we draw close to Easter, that your Catholic faith and belief have deepened.  For my main Lenten reading this year I chose "The Banished Heart" by Geoffrey Hull (2010 revised edition).  So well written that even I was able to follow his train of thought; once I understood what 'heteropraxis' meant.  I hope your readings were also edifying and inspiring.

From today's collect at Lauds (Monastic Diurnal):

Almighty and eternal God, grant that we may celebrate the mystery of our Lord's passion in such a manner as to deserve the pardon of our sins.

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  1. I don't know how I got here, just 'clicking' away some time with my "mouse" and voila! I just love your profile description. It made me smile and chuckle (and tempted me to steal it to describe myself, but that wouldn't be Catholic or charitable.) :) Cheers! ~ Fine Wine never tasted as good as it does in these [also my] "Autumnal years!"