Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Oblate News - bits and bobs

I have recently joined a highly informative Benedictine Yahoo Group which I strongly urge all Oblates to join.  The notes and commentaries are based on the Monastic Diurnal published by St Michael's Abbey Press (Farnborough Abbey) in England.  The diurnal is in parallel Latin and English and is quite easy to follow, especially with the daily updates from the TradBen group. Additionally, there is a very useful and growing reference 'File' section containing, amongst others, an interpretation of the psalms.  Please do visit this site. 

A recent viewer's comment on a video I posted last year regarding the Oblate Weekend prompts me to remind fellow Benedictine Oblates that a double DVD is available to anyone in both PAL and NTSC versions for the price on a donation to Pluscarden Abbey. Most talks are recorded in High Definition.  The talks could easily form topics for discussion during your regular oblate group meetings.  PM me HERE if you are interested in more information on either subject.

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