Thursday, 23 December 2010

Oh Dear, is Belgium truly lost?

Some might think this is not what they wish to read just before Christmas but I make no apologies for posting this.  I am unable to express my feelings on this as emotion would overcome objectivity.  I leave you to read, and more importantly PRAY for Belgium; this once proud and orthodox Catholic country.  There is just so much wrong in this.    O God come to our aid, O Lord make haste to help us!
"The Brussels Court of Appeal ruled on 21st September this year that the child, represented by his parents, could claim damages from physicians for the injury of being born disabled. 'Certainly, the misdiagnosis did not cause the child's disability, which existed before the error and which could not be remedied,' the Court considered. 'However, the injury which must be compensated is not the disability itself, but the fact of being born with such disabilities.'

"For the Court, the child would have had 'right' to an abortion if the disability had been correctly diagnosed. (my emphasis) Indeed, by making 'therapeutic abortion' part of Belgian law, 'the legislator must have intended to allow women to avoid giving birth to children with serious abnormalities, having regard not only to the interests of the mother, but also to those of the unborn child itself.'"

To quote the words of Mr Bumble in Oliver Twist - The Law is an Ass.

Thank you John Smeaton of SPUC for alerting us to this woeful business.

Read his full report HERE

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