Friday, 1 October 2010

Oblates Weekend - Monday UPDATED

As the old adage goes - all good things must come to an end; and so it was for this Oblates Weekend.  

Those fellow oblates with whom I spoke all agreed it had been very worthwhile, edifying both body and soul with many intellectually stimulating (and challenging) addresses by noted presenters.

The official programme ended most fittingly with Mass, the Homily being delivered by our much loved and respected Oblate Master Fr. Birrell and during which Oblates stood and verbally renewed their Oblations.
  • Pluscarden Oblates will have by now received their individual Oblation Renewal papers which should, in line with the norms, be renewed and signed ideally on the 21st November, the Feast of the Presentation of Our Lady.

Immediately after Mass both Fr. Birrell and Br. Michael departed for Kornelimunster in Germany to participate in a meeting of Subiaco monks from Northern Europe.

Will there be another Oblates weekend?  Perhaps, but the logistics, costs and disruption to the community's Ora et Labora suggest this will be a one off.  I have the feeling future Oblate "bashes" will be one day affairs.  Until that day arrives Oblates may wish to join up with their local group meetings - addresses are in the latest Oblates letter.


The DVD is now available to all oblates.  There was so much to include I made it into a double DVD set.  Please email me initially with your details and I shall be happy to burn off a  set for you.  

A suitable donation (made payable to Pluscarden Abbey) should be enclosed in your confirmatory letter.

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