Thursday, 27 May 2010

First Mass of Rev. Fr. Simon Harkins FSSP

For those who follow this blog you will know I lean very heavily toward the "Forma Extraodinaria" as it is currently named.  Hopefully a more fitting name will be announced  by His Holiness in due course.

It is therefore with great pleasure that I take this opportunity in announcing details of the official First Mass of Rev. Fr. Harkins FSSP, ordained to the Holy Priesthood on the 22nd May 2010 by Bishop Bruskewitz in the Traditional Rite.

The Metropolitan Cathedral Church 
of the 
Diocese of St. Andrew and Edinburgh

Saturday 5th June 2010

1 p.m.

Not only will His Eminence Patrick Kieth Cardinal O'Brien be in attendance, he will also preach the homily.

It is believed that this will be the first time a Cardinal will participate in a First Mass, certainly in the Traditional Rite, in moderm times.  Please support this son of Scotland as he commences his sacred ministry by attending this joyous occasion.

Direction to the Cathedral
The Cathedral is located at the East End of Edinburgh city centre near the St. James' Shopping Centre. The Cathedral faces the Picardy Place roundabout which is the junction of Broughton Street, York Place, Leith Street and Leith Walk.

You can see a map of the area at MultiMap where a red circle at the centre of the map pinpoints the exact location of the Cathedral.

I shall be attending and will hopefully receive permission to photograph / video this event to publish on this site.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Winter Wanderings - Part 4

Masteiro da Santa Cruz

Owing to my late arrival on Friday the community were already asleep but a couple of the lay brothers were 'taking the evening air' and so after saying goodnight to the da Costas I found my cell and rested my weary head.

A little bit of history to start with. This small traditional Benedictine community of 10 monks was founded 18 years ago following a petition from the local people. The founding monks came from Barroux, the first attempt failed, but, thanks be to God, the second remains. On this occasion the strength of faith and determination shone through, plus of course it helps if one of the founding fathers is a family member. Again the da Costa family amply demonstrated their faith in donating a large plot of land specifically for the building of a monastic community. To date this devout family has given the Church three family members, all Benedictine religious; Dom Tomas de Aquino - Prior of Santa Cruz, plus a brother and sister in the Monastery of Bellaigue in France.

Located in the hills surrounding Nova Friburgo the temperature is quite temperate with frosts experienced during the Brasilian winter months. Interestingly the hills to the north are known as the Caledonian Mountains (a little nostalgic pause).

Dom Tomas being absent, Dom Antonio (seen here) in true Benedictine spirit, made me most welcome. This mild mannered, humble monk is truly an inspiration to all.

Language as usual was my weakness however the one thing that united us all and was understood by all was the Latin Liturgy.  Fortunately being a Benedictine Oblate I was able to use my Monastic Diurnal to great effect and was able to join the community during the Office.

Br. Jose at prayer behind the Rood Screen.  He has received his tonsure en route to being ordained into the priesthood.

A view of the monks cells.  

Behind the cells you may see an Ipe Roxo tree in flower.  The flowers are a vivid purple and only appear during Lent.  How appropriate!

To see more photos in this Lenten set please click here.