Thursday, 26 November 2009

Autumnal Wanderings - Part 2

Torphichen Preceptory

photo courtesy of pariscub
Torphichen is derived from the Gaelic: torr-fithichean , 'the raven's hill'.

On Saturday 14th November Una Voce Scotland held another in its series of 2009 Autumnal pilgrimages.  A goodly number of members and friends made their way to Torphichen Preceptory, the Scottish seat of the Grand Priory of England of the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta  (commonly known as the Knights of Malta). 

Many of the Scottish Knights and Dames attended in the regalia of the Order which added a further welcome dimension to the pilgrimage, attending Mass in a location their confreres would have done daily centuries ago.  They were led by the Grand Prior of England, Frà Fredrik Crichton-Stuart.

A Missa Cantata was offered by Monsignor Boyle, national Chaplain of Una Voce Scotland, and the society's good friend Fr. Emerson FSSP attended in Choir.

St Margaret's Banner leads the procession with Una Voce Schola seen in background 

Kneeling in Adoration

A Group Photo
In the centre from left to right - Mgr Boyle, Fr Emerson, Frà Fredrik Crichton-Stuart

The Knights of Malta have a somewhat potted history in Scotland.  Although Scotland was, by Papal Bull, regarded as having an independent hierarchy in the Roman Catholic Church, (much to the chagrin of the English Archbishops of York who always claimed fiefdom), the Knights of Malta did not confer Scotland the same autonomous status and kept in under the English Langue.  They backed, and died in battle, for the English in the Scottish wars of Independence and left (banished?) after the English defeat at the Battle of Bannockburn, returning later having made peace with Robert the Bruce. During the reformation the last Preceptor, Sir James Sandilands, sold the property of the Knights to the Scottish Crown then bought it back on a personal basis in the process adding further to his existing titles; that of Lord Torphichen.

Once again Una Voce Scotland was very fortunate to have the pilgrimage recorded on video and a DVD will hopefully be on sale in the near future. A good Christmas present for someone perhaps?

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Thursday, 12 November 2009

Autumnal Wanderings - Part 1

Cambuskenneth Abbey

Una Voce Scotland held it's second pilgrimage to Cambuskenneth Abbey recently. 
Cambuskenneth Abbey was originally founded in 1140 by canons of the Arrouaisian Order and subsequently taken over by the Augustinians.  The Abbey became the most powerful in the land partly no doubt in being located so close to Stirling and having Royal patronage.  King James III and Queen Margaret of Scotland are buried here.  Since the reformation the buildings were systematically pulled down and now, other than foundations peeking through the ground, the only extant building remaining is the bell tower (seen on the left of the print).
The celebrant on this occasion was Fr John Emerson FSSP with Mgr Boyle attending in choir.  Mass was a Missa Cantata of Our Lady with the Una Voce Schola performing to its usual high standards.

The congregation start to gather within the Bell Tower.  Apart from a couple of small windows the only illumination comes from the door.  

Thankfully it was a lovely autumn day so the sun shone brightly enough for Father to read his Altar Missal.

The indomitable Mgr Boyle resplendent in choir dress.

Father John delivering another of his wonderful sermons.  An excellent orator in the Thomist tradition.

A group photo

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Una Voce Scotland's next pilgrimage will be to Torphichen Preceptory on Saturday 14th November 2009 at 11:00am  This was the seat of the Order of St John of Jerusalem (Knights of Malta) in Scotland who will also be in attendance.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Pluscarden Abbey Sacred Music Symposium 2009

Fr. Abbot's Welcome
Fr. Hugh Gilbert, Abbot of Pluscarden Abbey, opens the Symposium to a very large number of attendees averaging approximately 100 daily during the three day event. With him on the podium is Fr. Benedict (on the right) and Br. Michael.

Many congratulations to them in particular and the Pluscarden Community in general for what proved to be a very high quality symposium with excellent speakers demonstrating the rich quality of Sacred Music in Scotland during the last millenium and continuing today.

Plusacrden Abbey has posted a precis of this wonderful event, including the three day programme, and this can be seen HERE on the Pluscarden Abbey website.

Dr. Jamie Reid-Baxter
A wonderful, highly knowledgeable and colourful speaker. An excellent choice to start the symposium. His theme was "The Sacred Music of Robert Carver".
Later that evening Dr. Reid-Baxter assisted the Musick Fyne Choir in their performance of Carver's "Mass for St Michael".

Dr. James MacMillan CBE talks with Fr. Benedict OSB
The world renown Scottish composer Dr. MacMillan, on the right, presented a paper on "The Spirit of the Liturgy: Reform of the Reform."

Musick Fyne Soloists accompanied by Mediaeval Bray Harp
During the first evening's concert the Scottish Choral group Musick Fyne sang "A Mass for St Michael", a sumptuous ten part Mass by the Scottish composer Robert Calvert (c1487-1568). This Mass was first sung in the Scottish Chapel Royal in 1513.

Mr Tim Duguid, Doctoral Student, Edinburgh University
Tim gave an inspiring talk on Early Scots Metrical Psalm Singing. His inate humour and knowledge of his subject ensured an attentive audience and well received presentation.

Mmm. That sounds interesting!

Musicologists, liturgists, composer and just plain honest folk attentively listening to excellent presentations.

Mrs Margaret Stewart
Mrs Margaret Stewart, a leading exponent in the Gaelic singing of the Psalms.
The psalms are led by a precentor (who is permitted to choose whichever pitch he feels comfortable in) with the congregation responding. This style of psalmody has been a cornerstone in the Highlands and Islands, particularly within the Gaelic speaking communities since the Reformation.

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Saturday, 1 August 2009

Traditional Retreats in Scotland

Pluscarden Abbey
Low Mass - 2008
Our Retreat Master - Fr John Emerson FSSP

Miss Cantata with the Schola of Sanctae Margaritae
Elizabeth renews her vows as a lay oblate of Tyburn Convent on the occasion of her 40th anniversary as an Oblate to that Community.

Three Wise Men?

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Sunday, 26 July 2009

Rio de Janeiro

Our Lady of Glory
A beautiful and historic church in Rio de Janeiro, built in 1739, set on top of a small promontory in what is now the centre of a bustling city. Looking at old paintings of Rio as a small settlement, this church seems to appear in every one I saw demonstrating its importance and place in history of this old Portuguese colonial settlement.

Fr.Jose Edilson de Lima, a priest of St. John Vianney in the diocese of Campos hears confessions before assisting Fr Sergio Costa-Couto offer his first Mass in the Usus Antiquior.

This magnificent statue of Our Lady takes pride of place above the High Altar.

The new Archbishop of Rio de Janeiro, His Excellency Orani João Tempesta O. Cist. specifically requested that a Mass in the Usus Antiquior be offered in the Archdiocese. Thank you, your Grace.

The tabernacle was set far back from the Altar resulting in the Ciborium being reached by the ingenious use of the tabernacle key. This was of sufficient length not only to reach the key hole but to use as a hook to grab the shelf upon which the Ciborium rested. The shelf itself was placed on runners so it could glide out sufficiently for the Celebrant to reach.

After Mass Father continued to explain the meaning of the Mass and engaged in a lively question and answer session. The average age of the congregation seemed to be in the mid/late twenties.

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Our Lady of Perpetual Succour

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Saturday, 4 July 2009

Visit to Lanherne Convent

The main entrance to the Convent.

A view from the organ loft.

To the left of the high altar you can see the grill behind which the community join in the Mass. Recently they were given lessons in singing Gregorian chant and judging by the quality of the singing during Mass they must have been very attentive students.

The recess on the right contains a side altar where the Blessed Host is reserved. This may seem strange to some who feel that Our Lord should be in the tabernacle on the high altar, but, when you consider the devotions of the religious behind the grill you may say yes, He is in the correct tabernacle; always visible to the nuns who have dedicated themselves to Our Lord.

Fr. George celebrating the Feast of the Ascension of Our Lord.

As it was a beautiful day Father decided after Mass that it was appropriate for us to take tea and biscuits outside on the lawn near the Grotto. This rounded of a wonderful visit to this young, vibrant community.

In your charity please pray for the religious of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate (FFI), founded in 1970 and erected to an Institute of Religious Life with Pontifical Right in 1998.

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Friday, 3 July 2009

Wigratzbad Ordination 2009

The newly ordained Fr. William Barker FSSP giving individual blessings. A truly glorious occasion. Deo Gratias.

Fr. Barker offers the Sacrifice of the Mass for the first time.

Fr. Leworthy (left) and Fr. de Mallery (right) with Fr Barker after Mass.

Three wise men? Well certainly the gentleman in the centre is.

The rogues flanking His Excellency Bishop Schneider are none other than Leo Darroch, President of Una Voce International, and Joe Shaw, Chairman of the Latin Mass Society of England and Wales.

Our intrepid little band enjoying the sights of Lindau before flying home.

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